New community version released !

AdaCore announced the new community version release. The micro:bit becomes a new reference platform.

I’ll write some hints for the newcomer to the SPARK/Ada language on the Ubuntu 18.0.4. First of all, you might have to install below:

$ sudo apt install make
$ sudo apt install make-guile
  • Download and install GNAT arm-elf hosted on your platform: Windows, Linux or MacOS. This package contains the ARM cross compiler as well the required Ada run-times

After downloading, you add the execution attribute to the file and just run the installer.

  • Download and install GNAT native for your platform: Windows, Linux or MacOS. This package contains the GNAT Programming Studio IDE and an example to run on the micro:bit

Also, after downloading, add the execution attribute and run it. Before proceeding next step, you’d better set the path of binaries.

export PATH=/opt/GNAT/2018-arm-elf/bin:/opt/GNAT/2018/bin:$PATH

In using the Ubuntu OS, you have to do another preparation to use the USB device. Creating the file, /etc/udev/rules.d/mbed.rules and write the next line.


After closing the file, we will reset the device by using this command:

$ sudo udevadm trigger
  • Start GNAT Programming Studio

In the command line, input “gps &” to start the IDE. The other instructions is made on this IDE.

  • Click on “Create a new Project”
  • Select the “Scrolling Text” project under “BBC micro:bit” and click Next
  • Enter the directory where you want the project to be deployed and click Apply
  • Plug your micro:bit board with a USB cable, and wait for the system to recognize it. This can take a few seconds
  • Back in GNAT Programming Studio, click on the “flash to board” icon
  • That’s it!

You can see the scrolling text, ”Make with Ada!” on the LED part of the micro:bit.

If you see the other examples, please check this place.